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"I don't understand, I've lost weight, but look the same."

How to Shed Fat and Preserve Muscle

I hear this statement on a monthly basis, "I don't understand, I've lost weight, but look the same."

My goal has always been on the focus of controlling my body fat levels, I understand it can effect me physically and mentally. If you look good you feel good. I have my moments when certain shirts cannot be worn because they are too tight. I would like to say that's lean muscle but in truth it's actually body fat. In that moment I feel frustrated but then flashback to all the treats i've been eating recently and realise it's time to rebalance again.

See if i can't fit into that shirt it's an alarm bell for me, warning me of the more serious implications to my health and ultimately my life. I genuinely want to be there to see my daughter grow and be part of any of her special moments. Maybe a wedding day or even a graduation, i don't actually know.... whatever is special to her.

She doesn't know it yet but I promised to be there and the thought of missing these moments will not be because of the things I can control, like my eating habits.

While on a healthy eating regime, I recommend your goal should be to lose fat and maintain as much lean mass as possible. This means you shouldn't starve yourself, do hours of cardio each day, or embrace crash diets. These things will lead to muscle loss. For optimal results, add strength training to your routine, load up on protein, and take your measurements weekly.

Just think about all those people who run on the treadmill two or three hours daily. Despite being physically active, they still carry a lot of body fat and have little muscle. For this reason, it's important to have a balanced nutritional plan and workout routine that burns fat while preserving muscle, like the Precision lifestyle. Otherwise, you might end up skinny fat.

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