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7 Ways To A Rock Solid Core…

Wanna look leaner but with all your commitments are you just struggling to make it happen?

I totally understand with todays hectic lifestyle TIME is becoming more and more scarce, being able to juggle physical training with a well balanced diet has never been harder. 

The Struggle Is Real… 

Why not use my World championship tactics and simple strategies to not only create a rock solid core but stimulate ideas to help you create a healthier lifestyle habits for LIFE.

What better way to do this than a whole barrage of tactics (7 of them in fact!). Obviously follow all 7 and see how a rock solid core will help you look and feel great. However all you need to do is pick your favourites, implement them and the problem will be no more!

Feature Benefits

  • 7 ways to a Rock Solid Core

  • Tactics for the ultimate physical training

  • Strategies for creating healthy eating habits for life.

  • An abundance of energy for the important things in Life.

  • Understanding why we take time outs.


Nikita Bagley

Master Bernard methods were a major factor in helping me become a World  Champion. These 7 steps are the foundation to my success. I'm not sure what I would do without them today.

Amateur World MMA Champion

Jodie Woodyer

My first introduction to Coach Bernard concepts of strong core, strong life 5 years ago truly transformed my life. Today it's apart of who i am and what i do on a daily basis. The ideas are simple and easy to Implement. Highly recommend.

Mother of 2, Black Belt 1st Degree Instructor

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